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Can Certain Colors Attract Bedbugs?

Can Certain Colors Attract Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are a pest that loves to hide in bedding and mattresses but could the color of your sheets really attract them? 

Researchers recently conducted and experiment where they put several tents made out of different colored material on a petri dish. Then they placed a bedbug in the center to see which one they favored. They tested bed bugs of different ages, sexes and feeding statuses to check for differences in color preference, some were even pregnant to see if that changed anything. Researchers also frequently changed the location of the tents to ensure the choices had nothing to do with distance. 

Across all demographics there was a strong preference for red and black. The reason for this may be that bed bugs are red in color and may mistake red sheets for part of their brood. The black may be just because it is dark and bedbugs feed and become active at night. The bedbugs universally disliked white, yellow, and green which are colors that can mimic brightly lit areas. 

Now before you throw out all your red and black sheets these researchers have argued that bedbugs are often already settled in their hiding place when you turn your bedroom lights on. When they are in the dark these color preferences don’t matter nearly as much. Many feel this study will help create better bedbug traps to contain existing infestations instead of quelling new ones. It still seems the best line of defense against bedbugs is protectors on your pillows, mattress, and boxspring and just keeping the area around you bed clean and free of clutter and cracks. 

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