Six Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Six Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Exercise – A vigorous or even light workout during your day will help you fall asleep much faster. But be cautious if you workout too close to going to bed it can make getting to sleep even harder. 

Avoid heavy meals – Try to avoid large meals within two or three hours of your normal bed time. Large meals can cause pain and indigestion which make it much harder to sleep. Do a relaxing activity – Make it a routine each night before going to bed. This will help you get to sleep easier and will help signal to your body that you will be going to bed soon. 

Avoid naps – If you have trouble getting to sleep you may be napping incorrectly and throwing off your body’s natural sleep cycle. 

Keep a sleep schedule – With life being as hectic as it is it may be hard to stick to a schedule especially on weekends when you are probably playing catch up. This helps regulate your body’s clock meaning you will wake up feeling more rested. Think about how much more you can get done in a day when you’re not feeling tired. 

Take a look at your bedroom – Where you sleep should be as cool, quiet, and dark as possible. Also make sure your mattress and pillows are still supportive and comfortable. Your body needs the most support at night and if what you are sleeping on is no longer effective it can cause discomfort and pain which can make it even harder to sleep. 

Go to another room – If you cannot get to sleep go into another room and do a relaxing activity until you feel tired. Your bedroom should be as associated with sleep as possible by staying awake, tossing and turning you may make matters worse. 

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