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Bedbugs are Growing Thicker Skin

Bedbugs are Growing Thicker Skin

A new study suggests that bedbugs are growing thicker “skin” to resist common pesticides. This may be the reason their population has grown so rapidly worldwide. "If we understand the biological mechanisms bedbugs use to beat insecticides, we may be able to spot a chink in their armor that we can exploit with new strategies," study author David Lilly, says in a university news release. 

Bedbugs and other insects are covered by an exoskeleton called a cuticle. The bedbugs that had thicker cuticles, were more likely to survive when exposed to the insecticides. These new findings may lead to the development of a more effective pesticide to fight them. 

In the mean time the best line of defense is using mattress, boxspring, and pillow protectors. Protectors paired with minimizing clutter near your bed and frequently cleaning will help prevent possible infestations. Protectors and minimizing clutter will rob bedbugs of a place to hide. Frequent cleaning will help get rid of any that may already be there. 

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