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In the past year there has been a lot of talk about putting beds into relatively small boxes. This new idea is intended to make mattresses easier to ship and more convenient to set up. But many are still asking the big question how do they do it?


To put it simply Bed in a Box is a traditional memory foam mattress that has been folded and compressed down into a smaller shape then vacuum sealed. Recently pocketed coil models have been added but the idea remains the same. Once the mattress is compressed it is packed into a box and sent out. The customer then opens up the box, cuts the plastic around their mattress off, and then it starts to inflate once it is laid out flat, voila instant bed.


Many customers enjoy how convenient the box is to haul around in smaller spaces like hallways or stair cases, especially ones with sharp turns that would be difficult with a traditional mattress delivery. Since it offers different thicknesses it is very close to a more traditionally styled mattress because at the end of the day they are traditional mattresses just delivered in a different way.


We sell several different varieties of Bed in a Box. Come see the difference for yourself here.