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If you have ever purchased a new mattress you have probably at least heard of mattress protectors but do they really help keep your mattress clean?


While sheets are necessary they are too thin to keep oils, sweat, drool, and dander (human or pet) off the mattress itself. Since mattress protectors are specifically designed to be more durable than sheets they keep all of these things off the mattress itself. Keeping fluids off the bed protects against stains which can void your warranty. This is especially nice when the mattress is for a child that may still have issues wetting the bed. Since they are removable most can be taken off and just thrown in the wash which is much simpler than trying to clean a mattress.


Certain varieties will also keep out bedbugs; the packaging will specify these types. If bedbugs are a concern you should cover your mattress, box spring, and pillows in protectors. This is in case they infest your pillows or box spring instead of just your mattress. All of these factors combined make for a cleaner sleeping environment. They also keep your mattress looking it’s best for much longer than just a sheet will.


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