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While pillows are a much smaller investment than a new mattress they are still something you want to keep as clean as possible. The issue with just standard pillow cases is drool, sweat, oil, and dandruff (human or pet) can still get through onto the pillow itself. Since pillow protectors are water proof using them in addition to your case will keep contaminants out of the pillow itself.


Since they are removable protectors can be taken off and just thrown in the wash which is less cumbersome than trying to clean a pillow itself since they tend to create unbalanced loads and certain pillow fillings cannot be washed by a traditional washer and dryer.


Certain varieties can also keep out bedbugs; the packaging will specify these types. Bedbugs can’t get through the protectors so they cannot get into the pillow. So if you already have an infestation of bedbugs and are using protectors on your mattress and boxspring these will keep them out of your pillows too. All of these factors combined make for a cleaner sleeping environment. They also keep your pillow looking it’s best for much longer than just a case will.


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