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How to Pick the Right Pillow

How to Pick the Right Pillow

The main function of a pillow is to keep your head and neck in alignment while you sleep. This reduces pain and creates a more comfortable sleep experience. The right pillow relies heavily on your preferred sleep position.

Back sleepers 

Memory foam is a good option because it conforms to your head. This gives you the firmness you need to keep everything in line but has enough give so your neck isn’t being forced up at an uncomfortable angle.

Side sleepers 

A medium to firm pillow is best. Your pillow needs to support the space created between your neck and shoulder while sleeping. So keep this in mind when you arrange your pillow at night.

Stomach sleepers

For your head a very thin and flat pillow is recommended or even none at all. You may need a pillow for under your stomach because this position is notorious for causing lower back pain.

Pillows should be replaced every few years since their support breaks down over time. A new and supportive pillow can help make sleeping on your perfect mattress even more pleasant.

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