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Mattresses and pillows are a huge investment. While protectors do help the longevity of a mattress most are not super comfortable to sleep on. Giving an extra layer with a sheet will not only feel better against your skin it gives an extra easily washable line of defense against dirt on your mattress.


When it comes to cleaning we suggest looking at your tags and seeing what the manufacture recommends. If your tag is unreadable or missing we suggest contacting the manufacture. If for some reason this cannot be done here are some general rules on how to clean linens.


Sheets and pillow cases should be washed weekly. This is to get rid of the accumulation or dirt, oils, sweat, dead skin, and other things that the body sheds while you sleep. Before cleaning turn pillow cases inside out. Wash in warm water and tumble dry on low in the dryer. Many suggest taking your linens out of the dryer while they are still warm and putting them directly on the bed. This will have a similar effect to ironing. If your sheets are starting to fray or have holes in them they are no longer functional and should be replaced.


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