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Napping is something many either do not have the time for or simply don’t view as a priority. Napping does offer several benefits for adults including: relaxation, reduced fatigue, increased alertness, better memory, improved reaction time, improved performance, and an overall better mood. But for adults it isn’t quite as simple as just laying down.


To make your naps effective try to keep them between ten and thirty minutes. Be smart about when you nap, depending on your schedule you want your nap to be when you normally experience post lunch sleepiness. For most people that is between two and three pm. If conditions allow you also want your nap space to be quiet, cool, and dark.


Most importantly you should give yourself time to fully wake back up and feel refreshed. The drawback to napping is it can cause issues sleeping at night. This happens most often in those that already have insomnia, take too long of a nap, or nap too late in the day.