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Don't Let Your Vacation Travel Leave You Sleep Deprived

Don't Let Your Vacation Travel Leave You Sleep Deprived

It's officially summer.  Time for vacation travel.  Whether you are travelling by plane or car, travel can take its toll on your sleep habits.  Here are a few tips to help give your body the sleep it needs during your vacation. 

Stay Hydrated 

During long drives and flights you may be tempted to drink less to cut down on bathroom breaks. It's best to resist that temptation. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of travel fatigue. Be sure to drink plenty of water before boarding your plane, and do not pass up the opportunity to snag more water once on board. If you are driving, try taking along a cooler with bottled water to keep fully hydrated on your trip. 

Get a Bit of Exercise 

Long flights and drives force you to sit for extended periods of time. Take a moment at least every hour to stretch your legs and arms. Get up and move around to keep your blood flowing during your flight. If you are driving, make a pit stop to stretch and breath. Once you reach your destination, work in a quick walk or stretching exercise before bed — you will sleep better and have more energy the next day. 

Adjust Your Environment 

Sleeping in a different environment like hotels can disrupt your sleep. Plan ahead to make your "away from home" sleep environment as comfortable as possible. If your hotel has black out curtains, be sure to use them; especially if you are travelling to a different time zone. Also try bringing along your favorite pillow. A familiar item will help acclimate your body to your new environment. 

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