Handling Bedroom Allergens

Handling Bedroom Allergens

Since bedrooms tend to be small rooms with a lot of upholstered furniture they can become safe havens for allergens. Here are some tips on how to keep allergens at bay and how to maintain a healthy bedroom overall.

Tips To Help Your Allergies In Your Bedroom

Destroy Dust Mites

Use protectors on pillows, mattresses, and boxsprings. Most protect against dust mites but check the packaging to verify. Washing your linens in warm or hot water once a week will also keep them at bay.


If your bedroom is carpeted vacuum it once a week. Be sure to wear a mask when emptying the bag so you don’t get attacked by all the allergens you just cleaned up.

Keep Windows Light

Keep window coverings to washable curtains and roller shades. While they will still gather dust they can be cleaned easier than their dry clean only counter parts. Be sure to regularly clean your windows as well to prevent mildew.

Keep Pets Out

While their cute little faces may be irresistible they create more dander and saliva which are potential allergens. Preferably have them sleep elsewhere but if that is not an option vacuum and clean more often to keep these factors down.

Declutter your Bedroom

Remember the more stuff you have the more stuff you have to clean. If piles of papers and knickknacks are making it harder to clean consider ditching them or moving them elsewhere in the house.

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