How to Pick the Right Bed Frame

How to Pick the Right Bed Frame

The hunt for the right bed frame can be almost as hard as finding the mattress itself.  Here we will break down the most popular options.

Adjustable Beds

The caveat here is you need to know that the mattress you are buying is adjustable friendly. If it’s not you are ruining your mattress or not getting your money’s worth out of the base. This style is best suited for someone who finds themselves sitting up in bed a lot. Most allow you to adjust either the head or foot position for more support than just sitting on a regular mattress. The adjustments are done via a wired or wireless control depending on which style you prefer. Adjustable beds also still allow for a headboard if desired.


This is a versatile style that can function both as a bed and seating. Since it only comes in twin sizes they are not the best option for a shared bed but for a single sleeper they are just right. Most offer a pop-up trundle option which offers more possibilities for sleeping arrangements.


Like the daybed this can function both as a bed and seating. The difference is a futon folds out to be a larger sleeping space when need be. Many models are also available with drawers and other attachments to make them even more functional. They are limited though to only full and queen sizes.

Platform Beds

Platform beds can be as low or high profile as you want. You can dress them up with a headboard or leave a minimalist impression with none. Several styles also come with built in drawers so they have functionality beyond just a normal bed frame.

Your lifestyle and mattress are the biggest determining factors when considering a new bed frame. Be sure to check when purchasing a mattress what it can and cannot do if you intend to buy a bed frame later on.

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