New Year's Eve Drinking Could Lead to Poor Sleep

New Year's Eve Drinking Could Lead to Poor Sleep

The countdown to New Year's Eve has begun. In just a few short days, the ball will drop in Times Square, confetti will fly, and people in homes and parties will drink, kiss, and sing/mumble through the only part of “Auld Lang Syne” anyone really knows.  

It’s a party for sure, as many people are quite ready for 2016 to become a far distant memory. So much so that imbibing a little too much on your adult beverage of choice is very likely. Although it might seem like alcohol would help you relax enough to sleep better overall, the fact is booze and sleep really do not go well together. 

According to several studies, alcohol does allow healthy people to fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply for a while, but it reduces REM sleep. The more you drink before you go to bed (how many glasses of wine/champagne did you drink?), the more pronounced these effects. 

A typical sleep cycle has five stages – 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM sleep. Stage 1 is when you’re just starting to fall asleep, whereas REM sleep is a deep sleep. It’s also when you start dreaming. It usually takes about 90 minutes for you to hit REM sleep, but if there are disruptions and you don’t get enough REM sleep, you can feel super drowsy the next day, along with poor concentration. 

The more a person drinks before they go to bed, the more REM sleep disruptions they will have throughout the night. 

We’re not saying you shouldn’t have a good time this New Year’s Eve, we just want you to know why it is you’re going to be feeling groggy on New Year’s Day. That and probably a bit of a hangover. Remember to drink a lot of water before you go to bed. 

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Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at Mattress Warehouse

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