Proper Sleep Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Proper Sleep Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

With the holiday season fast approaching many of us are motivated to try to keep off extra pounds.  Getting the proper rest every night is an easy way to keep a creeping scale at bay.  Here's how proper sleep helps you maintain a healthy weight: 

A Restful Night's Sleep Keeps Your Metabolism Humming

When you get a full night's sleep it allows your body to rest and heal. A healthy body naturally burns more calories even at rest. Studies have shown that well rested people burned 20 percent more calories than those that were sleep deprived. 

Sleep Keeps You Focused

It is a well known, and often felt fact that your brain functions differently when you're sleepy. When sleep deprived the brain has less ability to control impulses. Lowered inhibitions often means eating one too many late night cookies. A rested and focused brain will keep you on track with your healthy meal plan. 

Lack of Sleep Makes You Feel Hungry

Studies have shown that lack of sleep causes the body to produce a mix of hormones that encourage diet cheating. The sleep deprived body produces a mix of hormones including the hunger inducing ghrelin, the stress encouraging cortisol, and less of the fullness signal leptin; this is the perfect storm for over eating. Getting the proper sleep every night will help your body produce a more healthy mix of these hormones, allowing your to stave off food cravings. 

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