Sleep Chronicles: Sleeping While Pregnant

Sleep Chronicles: Sleeping While Pregnant

How Sleeping Changes During Pregnancy

We spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping. But our sleep habits change over time due to our age, lifestyle, body type and moments-in-time. One of those special moments-in-time that changes our sleep patterns: pregnancy. Sleeping while pregnant is an important topic because expecting mothers need to take into account their comfort but also the safety and comfort of the baby.

Quality sleep is essential for a healthy, comfortable pregnancy. Being well-rested is good for both the expecting mother and the baby, but can be difficult to achieve with changing physical and emotional demands.

To better understand changing sleep patterns and habits, we wanted to speak with an expecting mother who knows the ins and outs of overall health and wellness. Taylor Walker is the fitness and healthy lifestyle expert behind the popular blog, Taylor Walker Fit.

We asked Taylor to divulge her sleep habits, routines and preferences as a mother-to-be! Get a glimpse into sleeping while pregnant from Taylor.

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How Important Is Sleep To You?

Since I was a little girl, I have loved to sleep! If I don’t sleep, I don’t function, which makes me very nervous to deliver our babe. My husband, on the other hand, may literally be bionic. These days, I have had to really work hard to create a sleep routine that works for my body.

How Has Your Sleeping Changed Throughout Your Pregnancy?

The euphoria of the second trimester has officially come to a close. Nausea, weight gain and heartburn came in fast and furious towards the third trimester. Something I truly wasn’t ready for. I had a relatively easy and enjoyable pregnancy, but as the heartburn and low back pain have become relentless, sleeping through the night has become more difficult.

What Has Been Impacting Your Sleep The Most?

The past few months, I have been waking up on and off in the middle of the night due to severe heartburn and the fact that the little guy is playing ninja with my bladder. I also have a to-do list a mile long and find it hard to turn off my brain.


What Changes Have You Implemented To Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep?

With a help of an evening ritual and a few adjustments to help my growing midsection, I am sleeping better than I have in a long time. Some of these suggestions came right from my Doula and others were already part of my regular sleep ritual.

  • Read instead of watching TV or playing on your phone at least an hour before bed.
  • Meditate. Cory and I Hypnobirth almost every night. We take a few minutes before bed to work on guided meditation and focus on breathing. Most nights I even fall asleep in the middle of it.
  • Put your feet up, literally. Placing your legs up the wall has many health benefits including reduction of edema in legs and feet; moving any stagnant fluid that may have built up throughout the day; relief of tired leg muscles.
  • Use lotions and potions tailored for sleep and of course, make sure to check with your doctor before use. One of my personal favorites is a lavender pillow mist.
  • Add more pillows. My birthing class taught me to sleep in the flamingo pose on my left side with my right leg propped up on two pillows. This will increase the chances of your baby moving to the head down and should give you a comfortable and supportive sleeping pose.


Find the mattress that fits your sleep stage.

A personalized routine each night isn’t all it takes to get high quality sleep. It’s important to have the right sleep system pieces — especially the right mattress. Taylor said she was surprised by her bedMATCH results and what the ideal mattress style was for her. Our bedMATCH process takes into account your body type, sleep habits and sleep preferences at every unique stage in life to suggest the best 100% sleep system that’s right for you.

For Taylor’s full blog post, visit How to Get a Better Sleep Throughout Your Pregnancy.

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