Sleep Off Pain

Sleep Off Pain

Ease your back pain nightmare with this selection of sleeping positions, and wake up sprightly instead of being dogged with lumbar discomfort 

It's a near certainty that at some point in your life you will suffer back pain. Your back is the largest and most powerful muscle group in your entire body so the potential for injury is great. One of the best times to combat back pain is while you're getting your beauty rest. And studies show that 63% of people reported a significant improvement in lower back pain after switching to a new mattress

Sleep On Your Side: Lie on your side with both arms beside you. This position helps to keep the spine straight and prevent any aggravating backache. 

Sleep On Your Back: Sleeping on your back can ease your back muscles and help to keep your spine aligned. Also try propping your knees with a pillow, this helps to neutralize your spine and keep the S-shape in your back. 

Don't Sleep On Your Front: Burying your face in the pillow and sleeping on your stomach can cause numerous health issues. Over a period of time this position can inflict back pain and neck pain because of the way your neck needs to be turned turned to breath. If you sleep face down, try bending the elbow and knee that are on the side of the direction you are pointing your face and stuff a pillow under your armpit and hip. This will help to straighten out your spine. 

With the right sleeping position and the right mattress that supports and conforms to your body you should wake up stronger and healthier instead of sore and tired. Let bedMATCH™ and Mattress Warehouse help you find the right mattress today! 

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