How To Sleep Well In Winter

How To Sleep Well In Winter

The winter season is just around the corner. That means shorter days, and colder nights. This seasonal change can have a significant effect on your sleeping habits. Here are a few tips to ensure that the cold winter nights aren't restless. 

Tips To Sleep Well In The Winter

Resist The Urge To Crank Up The Heat

Keeping your bedroom toasty warm may seem like the best thing during the coldest winter nights, but it can also really wreak havoc on the quality of your sleep. Studies have shown that cooler room temperatures lead to deeper more restful sleep. Rooms that are too warm may lead to sweating and discomfort that wakes your periodically through the night. 

Stick To A Bedtime Routine

The lack of daylight can throw off your body's natural rhythms. Set a schedule for bedtime and stick to it. Be sure to limit stimulation from electronic devices and evening TV before you hit the sack. 

Perfect Your Sleep Area

Keep multiple layers on your bed. A natural fiber sheet, a light blanket and a comforter provide layers that can help you easily adjust your body temperature as needed. Also be sure to regularly launder your pillow cases and sheets to help keep bacteria and allergens at bay in a warm room. 

Fall and winter are also the perfect time of year to evaluate your mattress and sleep accessories. Is your mattress still supportive? Does it need rotating? Are your pillows still supportive and clean? Before the ice and snow hit, be sure to have a supportive and healthy sleep environment for the long winter months to come. 

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