The Best Guest Sleeping Solutions

The Best Guest Sleeping Solutions

With the holidays come the relatives. Many people who host their families for the holidays quickly find they have too few beds. The last thing you want to tell a guest is you can’t accommodate them, or they have to sleep on the floor. To avoid embarrassment or putting your family in uncomfortable situations (literally), we’ve given you four options to serve as guest sleeping solutions.


Guest Sleeping Solutions

1.) Air Mattress

This one isn’t groundbreaking, but it still makes the list. If you don’t have one already, air mattresses are a relatively inexpensive and comfortable sleeping solution. It’s best practice to throw some thick sheets on it, along with high quality pillows and cozy blankets to maximize comfort. Mattress toppers are also an excellent source of comfort and support for not only regular mattresses, but air mattresses too. To ensure the air mattress is sturdy, consider putting something underneath it, whether that be a blanket, thick rug, etc.

If you are setting up the air mattress in a public area of the house, like the living room, remember to be mindful of your guests’ presence the following morning. The worst part about not having a real room to sleep in is the lack of a door, and therefore the lack of privacy. Make your guests feel as secluded as possible. Draw the curtains so they are not woken by sunlight at the crack of dawn, and if you have to cross through the living room for whatever reason, make sure to be very quiet so they’ll sleep through the night.

2.) Mega Couch

The couch is an obvious solution, but not always a comfortable one. Nobody wants to sleep feeling cramped and confined. If the length of the couch is an issue, then it’s probably not an option. However, if it’s just too narrow, you can make it more spacious by pushing another couch or futon similar in height and length up to it. This will give your guest more leg room to stretch and move during the night.

If you’re unsure if your couch contains a sofa bed, just check! Many couches have them hidden, offering a much more spacious option than the couch in its standard form. Where a couch can typically only fit one person, it’s likely that a pull-out bed will be able to fit two guests, or maybe even three!

3.) Camp At Home

The importance of sleep for kids can’t be overstated. When it comes to hosting children, sleeping bags are a great option. They are warm, easy to clean up, and convenient. If you want to make it something the kids are excited about, consider pitching a tent in your house and putting the sleeping bags inside the tent. This makes it a fun, unique experience that they will be eager to try out.

You can place a mattress topper underneath the sleeping bag for extra support and warmth, and of course include comfortable pillows. In this case, thinner pillows are better so your guests don’t strain their necks during the night due to the height difference between the sleeping bag and pillow.

Kids also love bean bag chairs (if you happen to have one). These don’t necessarily require a pillow, just a cozy blanket. Sleeping bags or bean bag chairs are fun temporary beds for guests and viable sleeping options for the night.

4.) Guest Room

Nothing beats a real mattress. If you have a guest room, that is any guests’ preferred option. However, guest rooms are often neglected, rarely visited parts of the house, and for that reason they are not always comfortable guest bed options.

To combat this, make sure you prep the room before your guest stays in it. Fresh sheets and pillowcases, soft blankets and high-quality pillows are the way to go. If not already present, add homey touches like curtains, a bedside lamp, a small fan, etc. to make them as snug as possible so they don’t leave their vacation sleep deprived.


Make Your House, Their House

This holiday season make your guests’ comfort a priority. It’s common to retire an old master bedroom mattress to the guest bedroom—but that doesn’t mean it’ll magically become comfortable again. Give your guest bedroom a makeover and reset the sleep system with a new mattress from Mattress Warehouse. The holiday season is a great time to shop for a new mattress because of our frequent mattress sales and mattress financing options. With a restful night’s sleep, your guests will really feel at home this holiday season.

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