The Best Mattress For Couples

The Best Mattress For Couples

Let’s face it: you and your partner probably don’t share the exact same sleeping style and preferences. This can cause conflict when neither of you consistently receives an ideal night of sleep due to these differences.

The best mattress for couples will adhere to each sleeper’s needs as best as possible. Despite different preferences, it’s important that you’re able to compromise on a mattress so that each of you is comfortable and can rest soundly each night.

Tips For Sharing A Bed

If you struggle sharing a bed with your significant other, consider these tips to make bedtime easier for both of you.

  1. Use a split adjustable base.

If you or your partner struggles with a specific physical ailment, or you find yourselves hitting the hay at different times, there are many benefits to investing in a split adjustable base. This special kind of base is split down the middle so that the left and right side have different controls.

Therefore, if your partner prefers to be angled up more to alleviate back pain, reduce snoring, or simply to stay up late watching television or reading, he or she can angle his or her side of the mattress upwards while you lie flat.

Although this kind of base requires a compatible mattress, it allows each person their independence and the ability to customize the angle and positioning of the mattress to their liking without disrupting their partner. 

  1. Customize your sleep accessories.

One way to make your shared bed align better with your personal preferences is by having separate sleep accessories.

For example, you may like a thinner, softer pillow while your partner may prefer a thicker, firmer pillow. You may sleep on your side while your partner sleeps on his or her back.

Ensure each of you has pillows that appeal to your sleep preferences and work well with your favorite sleeping position.

The same goes for blankets. If you get hot during the night and your partner constantly complains about how freezing it is, invest in different blankets and bedding that satisfies each person’s needs.

  1. Find a compromise on lighting.

If you enjoy waking up with the blinds wide open, sunlight pouring in, and your partner prefers darkness from dusk until dawn, what are you to do?

Find a compromise! One tactic is keeping a night light on the side of the bed of the partner who prefers light. On the flip side, the person who prefers darkness could wear an eye mask when their partner wishes to let in the natural light.

  1. Remember it’s better to have more space than less.

If not having enough room to stretch out without bumping into your partner is a constant concern, it’s better to have the option of more space. If the two of you are crammed in a full or queen-sized bed, consider investing in a bed one size up.

That extra space allows you to cuddle when you want or have your own space when needed, rather than forcing close proximity and discomfort at all hours of the night.

The Best Mattress For Two Different Sleepers.

If you and your partner are two very different sleepers searching for a mattress that will satisfy both of your preferences, look no further than Mattress Warehouse. With advanced technology and helpful sleep experts, you'll find the perfect mattress for you and your partner.

For example, the Serta iComfort® Hybrid Blue Fusion 5000 Cushion Firm Pillow Top Mattress is one of the best mattresses for couples. With revolutionary temperature-regulating technology, neither you nor your partner will break out in night sweats due to the other’s body heat.

Additionally, memory foam is not only extremely comfortable and will conform to each sleeper’s body, but it absorbs motion. That means if your partner is moving a lot throughout the night, he or she will not abruptly wake you up. In fact, this specific mattress helps reduce pressure points that cause tossing and turning.

If you and your partner disagree on whether a firmer or softer mattress is better, the Serta iComfort® might be right for you. The only way to know for sure is through our bedMATCH test.

Try BedMATCH With Your Partner.

BedMATCH, our diagnostic sleep system that uses scientific data and mathematical calculations to determine the perfect fit for your body type, sleep preferences and sleep needs, can be done with a partner! Advanced technology takes the guesswork out of determining the best mattress to accommodate you and your partner.

Visit your nearest Mattress Warehouse to try out bedMATCH with your partner. You’ll not only find the best mattress for couples but the best mattress specifically for the two of you.

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