The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep primarily on your stomach, consider yourself unique! Amongst all the side and back sleepers, only 7% of the population consists of stomach sleepers.

While many enjoy the comfort of lying on their stomach, it’s not the healthiest position to sleep in. However, if you’re committed to sleeping this way, purchasing the best mattress for stomach sleepers is a great way to alleviate some of the strain put on your body during the night.

Pros & Cons Of Stomach Sleeping

Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

To be frank, there aren’t too many pros when it comes to sleeping on your stomach. However, the one perk of sleeping in this position is that it reduces snoring. If you sleep with a partner, snoring may be disruptive to their rest, so learning how to stop snoring for good will translate to better sleep for your partner. This position may also help diminish sleep apnea.

Drawbacks Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

The cons, on the other hand, far outweigh the pros. Sleeping on your stomach is advised against for many reasons. A few of those reasons include:

  1. Spinal strain. Sleeping on your stomach flattens the natural curve of your spine, resulting in lower back pain. Because most of your weight resides in the middle part of your body, it’s very difficult to keep your spine in a neutral position while sleeping on your stomach.
  2. Neck stiffness. When sleeping on your stomach, your head must be turned to the left or the right for the entire night. This twisted position is unnatural and can cause neck stiffness. When your neck and spine are misaligned for up to eight hours every night, it can cause severe damage to your body over time. 
  3. Dangerous for pregnant women. Expecting mothers who typically sleep on their stomachs should train themselves to sleep differently. Even in the early stages of pregnancy, the extra weight on her stomach will pull heavily on her spine, leading to severe back pain, which can hurt both her and the baby. Squeezed between the pressure of the mother’s spine and the mattress, the baby’s health and development could be compromised.

Tips For Stomach Sleepers

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sleeping on your stomach better for you, including:

  1. Gently stretch in the morning. It’s probable that you will wake up with a stiff neck and back pain. Stretching in the morning will make you more flexible and loosen your muscles throughout the day. Focus on stretches like downward facing dog that elongate the spine, and gently rotate the head in a circular motion to loosen up your neck (if it is not too painful).
  2. Put a pillow beneath your pelvis. By placing a pillow beneath your pelvis for extra height, your spine will be more aligned throughout the night, which will take pressure off of it and decrease lower back pain.
  3. Use the best pillow for stomach sleepers. There are pillows specifically designed for stomach sleepers. Using a customized pillow, rather than any old pillow, will ensure you get the level of support you need while sleeping in this position.

Mattress Options For Stomach Sleepers

The ideal firmness of a mattress depends mostly on the weight of the sleeper. For those who weigh 140 pounds or less, a softer mattress is most likely better. This is because it molds to your body and keeps your spine in a more neutral position.

If you weigh between 140 and 230 pounds, a medium firmness should provide sufficient support and comfort. For those who weigh 230 pounds or more, a firm mattress is more appropriate. This is because it will sink less when you lay on it and will help better align your spine.

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleeper

The Kingsdown Fall View Ultra Plush Pillowtop Mattress is a highly rated mattress that is one of many perfect mattresses for stomach sleepers. With two layers of foam, integrated technology for pressure relief, and a meticulously calculated design for maximum postural support, this mattress is a great choice for stomach sleepers. Not only will it help reduce the strain put on your body from sleeping on your stomach, but is an extremely comfortable and luxurious mattress no matter your sleeping position. 

Finding The Best Mattress For You

No two people are alike, and no two sleeping positions are alike. Not all stomach sleepers will sleep the exact same way or experience the exact same pains as others.

To truly find the perfect, customized mattress for you and your preferred sleeping position, there’s bedMATCH. This diagnostic system is unlike any other sleep system because it uses statistical measurements and scientific calculations to decipher the best mattress for your body. If you want to know the best mattress for not only stomach sleepers but for you specifically, try the bedMATCH diagnostic sleep system today.

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