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We totally understand, it is much easier to slide out of bed and just leave the sheets a mess while you head out to tackle the day. But what if taking that extra minute or two each morning to make your bed could lead to some rewards throughout the day? Here is what just a little extra effort in the morning will help with throughout your day:


It instantly polishes up your room. You probably spent a lot of money on that nice comforter with matching pillow cases, so why not enjoy them! Speaking of that gorgeous matching bed set you bought, making the bed every morning will help the linens keep their shape. No one likes a drab, wrinkled, old looking duvet cover or comforter. Smooth out those wrinkles each morning and they will last longer.


How great does it feel to cross something off of your to-do list? Image starting the day out doing that? Taking a minute or two to make the bed in the morning will help you start the day feeling accomplished before you even brush your teeth! Starting every day like that will help create a great habit that can lead to other smart choices and positive practices throughout the day.


Unfortunately making the bed won’t keep the dust away completely, but covering your sheets and mattress with a comforter, quilt or duvet cover will help minimize the collection of dust. Also, using the right mattress protector will help to protect you from bacteria that could grow around your mattress. They are great for allergy sufferers; our mattress and pillow covers provide protection from bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, stains, mold, mildew and moisture and are used and recommended by over 12,000 physicians nationwide.


And last but certainly not least, you might sleep better. A National Sleep Foundation Poll found that survey participants who reported regularly making their bed were also more likely to say that they got a good night’s sleep most nights. This underscores the NSF's findings that bedroom environment, including cleanliness (and perhaps that cool, crisp feeling of a made bed), influences how well you snooze.


Tell us, do you make your bed every day?