Box Spring & Mattress Foundations

Box Spring & Mattress Foundations

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Mattress Warehouse Features Many Box Spring Only Options

Spend any time at Mattress Warehouse online or at one of many conveniently located stores and you’ll quickly find out we believe the box spring serves a vital role in delivering a great night’s sleep, will enhance your satisfaction with the bed you own, and will positively impact the longevity of the mattress you already own – or just purchased.

Complementing your investment in a new mattress - or extending the life of a current mattress - with a new box spring from Mattress Warehouse is a savvy sleep product shopper’s path to securing the full measure of value from their mattress.

Box spring construction consists of durable metal, wood, and fabric components which will lend an appealing companion piece to your mattress’s look and feel as well as add functional support to that mattress and enhance its performance as part of the bed you have in your home.

With a range of styles to choose from, a box spring from Mattress Warehouse can also be selected based on height requirements: standard or low profile. With the height of many mattresses varying considerably from one model to the next it’s worth noting that a low profile box spring can help the owner get in and out of bed more easily if the mattress it is paired with has a taller profile. Popular box spring-only values include models from Eclipse, Spring Air, and Royal.

Mattress Warehouse is your reliable online and neighborhood source for great information and insight into important ways to preserve and increase the performance of your mattress. We can help you understand important strategies savvy sleep product consumers use to secure the performance they want from their bed.

A new box spring can play an integral role in helping you get the most from your investment in a new mattress: let us show you how here at Mattress Warehouse online or with the assistance of a member of our team at the Mattress Warehouse store location nearest you!