Comfort Essentials Mattresses

Comfort Essentials Mattresses

Luxury Memory Foam - For Less

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a memory foam mattress for less. Comfort Essentials memory foam mattresses come in four styles to fit every sleeping style. 

In a blind comfort test featuring the Comfort Essentials memory foam line and competitor memory foam mattresses, 80% of the participants selected the Comfort Essentials mattress over a similar mattress from Casper®.  

Comfort Essentials memory foam mattresses have a multi-layered design, providing for durable full body support. The top layer conforms to your body, adjusting rapidly to your body weight and temperature for a cool and supportive night's sleep.  

All Comfort Essentials models can be used with your existing box spring or platform bed, and are adjustable base ready.  Each mattress comes compressed in an easy to handle box.  

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