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Mattress Warehouse Daybed Collection Provides Style and Versatility

The Mattress Warehouse Daybed Collection is all about versatility: it would be hard to find another member of our product lineup that has the versatility you will find in a Mattress Warehouse daybed!

The daybed offers a pleasant seating option by day and an amazingly versatile sleep arrangement by night. It’s even versatile by day: watching TV or using a laptop while seated on your daybed? Feel like a quick nap? Lie down on the ample twin mattress your daybed features and catch 40 winks!

Nighttime has arrived and you or the children are ready for bed? The Mattress Warehouse daybeds we carry in its extensive lineup - which includes daybeds made of attractive metal or wood construction – feature an optional pop-up trundle containing a second twin mattress!

Engage the pop-up trundle and you can convert your two daybed mattresses into an even larger single sleep surface for one or two people or - second option - don’t engage the pop-up feature on your trundle, but pull out the second mattress to form a two person sleep arrangement with two levels.

But wait! There’s actually a third option: since your pop-up trundle is on wheels you can always take the second daybed mattress to the spot in the room where you want to set up a second sleeping space!

Acting like a rollaway bed, the second remote sleep or rest space is a great feature for adults looking to separate children so they can concentrate on sleep and get the rest they need and the quiet children’s bedtime you desire.

The Mattress Warehouse daybed expands your seating and sleep availability: it’s a great idea for small rooms or apartments where space is at a premium.

It’s also a great way to extend your furniture budget: it’s both a comfortable, convenient seating and sleep arrangement in one!

Today’s attractively designed daybeds are also perfectly suited to contemporary design styles and are an attractive element in any room’s design aesthetic.