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Napping in the Workplace

Napping in the Workplace

Once a faux pas in the office, many companies have started to encourage workplace naps. The trend seems to be driven by large influencers in tech industry, many of whom create cultures focused around better quality of life for employees. With the support of companies like Google, it begs the question: is this a quick moving fad, or is naptime at work here to stay?

Why do it?

Well, most adults aren’t getting adequate sleep as it is. Of 1500 Adults surveyed, only 42% said they got a “good” night’s sleep each night. What many people forget is that we, as people, have a need for rest just as much as we have a need for food, or water. Even with just a 30-minute nap, employees will not only be more rested, they also will be more creative and make better decisions. Psychological studies have also shown that when you give more control over work hours to employees, the become more committed to the company’s cause and more productive.

Who Does it?

PwC-The Big Four accounting company has recently adopted the nap philosophy, littering their 50,000 square foot office in Switzerland with nap rooms and other relaxation tools.

Ben and Jerry’s-The Vermont Based Ice Cream Conglomerate has had its nap room for over a decade, and highly encourages its employees to use it. Its philosophy is centered around the thought that a happy employee is a productive employee, which is why Ben and Jerry’s offers other benefits like yoga classes and gym memberships to its employees’.

Google-Probably the most famous users of the nap pod, Google’s company culture revolves around being well rested and satisfied at work. While designs vary, you will see something like this nap pod at every google office.

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