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Improving Sleep, Improving Communities 

At Mattress Warehouse, we care about supporting the local communities we have the privilege of being a part of. We believe that this commitment requires more than words it requires action. We are dedicated to bettering our communities. One of the tangible ways we choose to do this is by supporting organizations in fundraising.

The most effective way we can help improve the lives of people is by providing every resource to help their fundraising event go off without a hitch. We want to help local individuals accomplish more good through the organizations that matter the most to them.

Our dedicated team at Mattress Warehouse Fundraising is here with creative solutions for every organization looking to host a mattress sale fundraiser.

Contact us to kick-off planning for your next fundraiser.

Mattress Sale Fundraiser Information

Our team steps in to provide access to resources, such as the venue and promotional materials, that our community members need to achieve their dreams. We assist you with every step of your fundraiser from creative conception to execution. The mission of our organization is to maximize the visibility of your event to ensure you reach your goals.

Mattress Warehouse Fundraising is the way we make a positive impact. To date, we have given back over $145,000 to nonprofit organizations, most notably local schools, along the East Coast.

Who Is Mattress Warehouse Fundraising?

Mattress Warehouse Fundraising is the corporate social responsibility sector of Mattress Warehouse. While Mattress Warehouse has been around since 1989 with over 300 locally owned and operated stores, Mattress Warehouse Fundraising is a more recent initiative as we’ve identified ways we could help the communities we’re a part of.

Mattress Warehouse Fundraising offers creative fundraising solutions to help your organization raise the maximum amount of money in a short period of time, while having fun.

We create a customized campaign, specific to the needs and specifications of your organization. We handle everything, including the promotion, sales, and delivery process. From attending booster meetings and decorating in school colors at our stores, to snacks for students, our team supports your organization assuring your school had a successful event.

What Makes Mattress Warehouse Fundraising Solutions Different?

  • Scientific specialization. Mattress Warehouse Fundraising connects organizations with products that benefit a good cause while improving the sleep quality of people who choose to participate in the fundraiser. We provide access to a transformative mattress buying experience through the use of science and technology, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting our partners. Mattress Warehouse is the exclusive provider of bedMATCH®, the only sleep diagnostic system that scientifically recommends the beds that provide the best support for each customer.
  • Unparalleled service. At Mattress Warehouse Fundraising, we have a team ready to meet the unique needs of your organization and the individuals that come out to support you. We focus on customer service, addressing each individual’s questions in order to provide a positive sleep experience. Meeting the specific needs of customers during your fundraiser, establishes a more successful fundraising campaign for you!
  • Consistent quality. With a Mattress Warehouse Fundraising event, we provide brand new, factory-sealed products and never re-sell used bedding. Feel confident that your fundraiser will feature the highest quality products backed by a respectable retailer your community knows and trusts.
  • Knowledgeable and helpful team. Because of your partnership with Mattress Warehouse, your fundraising event will feature a team of product experts to help make your fundraiser a success. We have an extensively trained, professional sales team to help our customers get the best overall comfort and support with their sleep system.
  • Reputable brands. We carry the largest selection of quality, name-brand bedding, including Serta, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Tempur-Pedic, Kingsdown, Aireloom and more at our fundraising events.
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How Can Mattress Warehouse Fundraising Help Your Organization?

Mattress fundraisers for schools can help organizations make huge progress in reaching their fundraising goals. Our goal is to help you not only reach your goal but to exceed it!

There are two main ways to have a mattress sale fundraiser to benefit your organization:

  • Store Events: Mattress Warehouse has a customized fundraising program that can be tailored for your organization. We provide all the products, marketing materials, and professional staffing. Your fundraising event will feature exclusive pricing to ensure an easy shopping experience for your friends, family, and community.
  • Online VIP Pricing: Mattress Warehouse provides a code created for your organization to have additional opportunities. There is no cost for this fundraising opportunity and proceeds will be paid out quickly.

At Mattress Warehouse, the only thing we ask of you is to help spread the word. We even assist you here - through online resources, hard copy marketing materials, video assistance and overall marketing strategies. We look at every detail, we want your organization to have an epic raise. No matter what format you choose for your mattress sale fundraiser, we’ll make sure to set you up for success.

Reach Your Goals With Mattress Warehouse Fundraising

Mattress Warehouse Fundraising benefits local organizations while providing what every family needs — a healthy sleeping environment! From mattresses to pillows to cooling sheets, we provide sleeping products at unbeatable prices with a portion of the proceeds will go straight back into the community.

To partner with Mattress Warehouse Fundraising, contact our Manager of Corporate Fundraising and Commercial Sales, Bobbie Hartlove-Fronczek.


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Mattress Warehouse Fundraising Testimonials

“The company, took care of all the marketing material for us, including signs, handouts, posters, and flyers that could be dispersed throughout the community. All material was very professional, and we received final approval of the material before its distribution.  A planned schedule for the yard signs, which was assembled through seven districts was created by Bobbi, and executed by students, teachers, and herself. “ - Adam Dawson, Dauphin County Technical School

“We appreciate Bobbie and Mattress Warehouse Fundraising’s dedication to our local community and specifically to SPHS Band and Orchestra. We are able to provide boundless opportunities and enhanced educational programs for our children because of the involvement of businesses like Mattress Warehouse. It truly means the world to us to have the support of our local community.” - Eric Kilby, Severna Park High School

“We met with Bobbie and scheduled our event. She was very informative about the process and gave us some marketing ideas. We booked the school and the school came back and said the fees to use the gym would cost between $3,500 to $4,000. We contacted Bobbie and thought we were going to have to cancel the fundraiser. Bobbie was quick on her feet and reached out and was able to get our event to be held at a local store instead for free. Bobbie created connections with local companies and organizations to support our event and made sure to communicate with us on each correspondence.” - Nicole L. McCartan, Cumberland Valley High School

Mattress Warehouse Fundraising and Bobbie went above and beyond in helping our Booster Club with our mattress sale. She made a number of trips to our school in order to help with our presentation to our other board members and also a number of trips to help with the marketing of this great event.” - Paul Bruning, Falls Church High School Boosters