Mattress Warehouse FAQs


What mattresses are on sale?

Mattress Warehouse strives to provide customers with the best prices available. We frequently offer additional promotions, which can be viewed on our sales page.

Can I view mattresses from online in a real store?

Absolutely. A majority of the mattresses you find online can be tested out in-store. If you have a particular mattress in mind, let one of our sales reps know, but be sure to try out bedMATCH® first just in case.

What is the best mattress for couples with different comfort preferences?

That really depends on your level of comfort. This is why using bedMATCH® is so important. You and your partner can try bedMATCH® at the same time and it will recommend mattresses that fit what you and your partner need. You can also try a split king mattress, where you both can have the comfort you need.

Product Guidance

What is bedMATCH® and how does it work?

bedMATCH® is Mattress Warehouse’s patented diagnostic sleep system that does what its competition cannot — it makes scientific recommendations on the best mattress specifically for you. Through advanced technology, the bedMATCH® system uses 18 statistical measurements and thousands of scientific calculations to determine the best mattress for not only your body type but for your sleep preferences and needs.

Do I have to flip or rotate my mattress?

Most newer mattresses don't need to be flipped, but it is recommended that you rotate your mattress 180 degrees every six months. You can read more about flipping and rotating your mattress here.

What is the difference between a standard profile and a low profile box spring?

A standard box spring is going to be a few inches taller than a low profile box spring. If you don't mind sleeping a little high off the ground, the standard box spring would work just fine. If you'd rather sleep a little closer to the floor, we suggest going with the low profile box spring.

Shipping and Delivery

Does Mattress Warehouse have shipping and delivery?

Yes, Mattress Warehouse offers White Glove Delivery for qualifying purchases. We can also ship items for you to pick up at any store, or directly to your house. Delivery fees may apply.

Does Mattress Warehouse take away my old mattress/box spring?

Yes, Mattress Warehouse can take away your old mattress and box springs. There is a $14.99 removal fee per item removed. Please note, we will not remove soiled and/or stained bedding due to potential biohazard risk.

Will Mattress Warehouse help set up my mattress and/or furniture?

Yes. If you purchase your mattress and/or furniture from Mattress Warehouse, we will set it up for you. However, we cannot assemble furniture purchased from a different store.

Customer Service

What if I don’t like my new mattress? What is your cancellation and return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your original mattress after 30 days of use, contact Mattress Warehouse to begin the process for your one-time comfort exchange. You can test out your mattress for up to one year before deciding whether you want to keep your original selection or utilize the comfort exchange program. If you use the Comfort Guarantee program, you will receive a 100 percent credit of the original purchase price to be applied toward the current ticketed price of the replacement mattress. You will be responsible for any difference above and beyond the amount of your credit once you make your mattress exchange. Certain fees apply.

What should I expect from my new mattress?

The first thing you might notice is that your new mattress doesn't quite feel like the one you tried out in the store. That's because the ones in the store have been "broken in" by others who have tried out the mattress. Since your mattress is 100 percent brand new, it hasn't been broken in yet. We ask our customers to give it at least 30 days before you decide you want to switch to a different mattress. That gives you time to "break in" your new mattress.

What are the details of your One-Year Price Guarantee?

It's simple — if you find a better price at any of our local competitors, we’ll match it, plus 50 percent of the difference. This is our promise to you and it is valid for a full year after purchase. With the exclusive Mattress Warehouse 1-year price guarantee, there is no need to go anywhere else. Our large warehouse selection and bedMATCH® technology allow you to find the bed that is perfect for you, and our already low warehouse prices combined with the 1-year price guarantee means you can shop with 100 percent confidence.

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